Role of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

A named individual, independent of an organisation, providing an impartial & confidential service to employees wishing to raise concerns.

A Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Guardian is a named individual who is independent of your organisation and provides an impartial and confidential service to employees who wish to raise concerns.

We would always encourage you to address any concerns you have at work with your Line Manager in the first instance, following the appropriate local guidelines.

However, if you feel that your issues have not been properly addressed, or feel unable to raise your concern directly within your practice or organisation, the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian can be contacted.

  • If you contact your FTSU Guardian they will:
  • Offer advice and options regarding how your concern(s) may be taken forward
  • Advise you of other policies and procedures that can be utilised if your concern(s) would be more appropriately dealt with via another route
  • Work with you confidentially to raise your concern(s) with your practice or organisation with the aim of attaining a local resolution
  • Trigger, with your agreement, a formal independent investigation if the concern(s) cannot be locally resolved
  • Keep you fully informed throughout any processes and keep confidential documented records of discussions and any actions taken
  • As an organisation your Freedom To Speak Up Guardian will:
  • Support you to ensure that the culture of 'speaking up' is embedded within your organisation and that your staff are confident and aware of their options to speak up
  • Provide appropriate policy and procedure documentation for you to tailor to your local practice or organisation
  • Share generic (anonymised) issues and concerns so that we are aware of pressures within your organisation and can instigate remedial action
  • Raise high risk concerns immediately to ensure safety is maintained at all times
  • Work with concerns that are given anonymously

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