Dr Neil Paul

Clinical Lead

Neil has been a full time GP Partner at Ashfields Medical Centre in Sandbach, Cheshire, since August 2000. Neil is also the Clinical Director for a large Primary Care Network.
A founder of Howbeck Healthcare, Neil is interested in finding, creating and promoting solutions that help healthcare organisations work more effectively and efficiently at scale. Through Howbeck Healthcare Neil has provided the Clinical Leadership on a wide range of practice sustainability and resilience projects.
He is nationally known for his DigitalHealth.net column that discuss the highs and lows of service provision and IT in primary care and as a speaker and presenter and author in trade magazines such as GP, Medeconomics and EMIS User on topics including IT, Data Quality, QOF, business efficiency and primary care finances.
Neil’s main clinical interests are Cardiovascular medicine, Diabetes, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology. He still does 6 sessions a week in practice so understands the reality of general practice.

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